Areola tattooing- additional photos available upon request

Treatments can reconstruct the nipple and areola after a breast operation such as a mastectomy, uplift or reduction. Or for gender reassignment, it can help feminise the areola, giving you the look you desire.

For clients who have experienced breast cancer and mastectomy, we can combine artistic know-how and cutting-edge technique to create the illusion of a 3D nipple and areola - helping you feel like yourself again.

We can also help with treatments following breast reduction or uplift surgery, pre and post gender reassignment surgery, or gynecomastia surgery.

Areola Tattooing


Who is this suitable for?

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy

After breast reduction or uplift surgery

Enlargement and defining of the areola

Pre and post gender reassignment surgery

Following gynecomastia surgery

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Prices start at £345 for 1 areola restoration and includes a follow up treatment appointment. Please contact us for a more details.