The most popular search term used, also called ‘brow embroidery’. Is it right for you?

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Combination brows, Device brows, Digital brows- find out what this means here

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Hairstroke Brows


Love how your brow make up looks but hate washing it off every night? Powder Brows may be just your thing!

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Powder Brows


Topping up your colour- All about the frequency, process and options.

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Colour Boost


Enhance what you have with a touch of colour. Add lip gloss and go on your day!

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Gloss and Go Lip Blush


Medical correction and lip balancing, could this be for you?

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Lip Liner Only


Top, bottom, latino, winged? Bring out the beauty of your eyes.

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Eye Liner


Love the look of liner but want something softer?

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Lash Definition


Working with what natural beauty you already have to create the results you desire

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Dermal Fillers


There’s a reason its a top selling treatment but is it for you?

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Anti Wrinkle Injections




Microblading .JPEG

Using a hand held tool each hairstroke is added to the brow. The tool is a similar to a pen but holds multiple needles to lightly etch the illusion of a hair stroke into the skin. Results last approx 12-18 months.

Who is it best suited to?

- Drier skin complexions as the needles don’t penetrate too deeply

- Those who want a realistic and feathery brow type

- Those who want natural style brows

-Those who want to want the results to not be as long as long lasting as device brows


Hairstroke Brows


Device Brows, Digital Brows, Nano Brows, Hairstroke brows.. it’s all the same!

Using a hand held digital tattoo machine each hairstroke is added to the brow. The difference to this and microblading is that the machine penetrates the colour deeper and is better for oilier or mature skins.

Combination Brows use hair strokes with some shading incorporated.

Results last approx 18-24+ months.

Who is it best suited to?

- Oily or mature skin complexions

- Those who want a realistic brow type

- Those with sparse brows from over plucking

- Alopecia or Chemotherapy patients

- Those who want to long lasting results


Powder Brows

Powder Brows.JPG

Prefer the coverage make up gives your brows? Then powder brows may be for you.

Using a hand held digital tattoo machine soft colour shadow is added to the brow. Ombre effects can also be achieved this way, meaning a lighter shade towards the front of the brow. Results last approx 18-24+ months.

Who is it best suited to?

- All Skin types and ages

- Those who want a more ‘made up’ look

- Those with sparse brows from over plucking

- Alopecia or Chemotherapy patients

- Those who want to long lasting results

- Those who want more coverage or just colour behind already full brows


Colour Boost (Top Up Colour)

Colour Boost (Top Up Colour) .JPEG

Already enjoyed a permanent makeup treatment from Eternal Beauty Company in the past?

Colour Boosting has got your back! Keeps your brows, lips and eyeliner looking fresh and crisp, perfect for that upcoming event, photoshoot or time away.

NB- We will only colour boost previous clients due to shade matching technology used in our Indelibeliner or Gloss and Go pigments. If you need a boost but have been treated elsewhere beforehand you will be treated as a new client.

ANY Colour Boost after 24 months from the first treatment will need to be treated as a new treatment also due to the possible migration of previous work- contact us to discuss your personalised treatment plan.


Gloss and Go TM Lip Blush

Gloss and Go TM Lip Blush .JPEG

Dream of having lips which are always smudge proof, waterproof, dining proof and (most importantly) kiss proof?

Gloss and Go TM is the lip blush technique and pigment system which ensures your lips are always ready for whatever life throws at you! 21 customisable vegan shades guarantee we can match your favourite lipstick or simply enhance your natural colour.

Lips will be ready to add a touch of gloss to for 12-18+months


Lip Liner Only


By prior arrangement only

Cosmedical procedure which may be arranged for those who have

- Vermilion Border Irregularity

- Cleft Lip Repair

- Damage to lip

- Pale or Thinning Lips

Results lasting 12-18+months


Eyeliner Services


‘Desert Island Make Up Product’ for most people is eyeliner, you just can’t beat the pop it gives to the eyes.

Looking at screens and monitors all day has meant our eyes (and complexion orbits around the eye) dry often and look sunken easily. Adding a touch of permanent eyeliner means no more messy make up or too much time spent perfecting the perfect winged liner.

Also suitable for

- Clients who struggle to draw an even line

- Athletes (Water/Sweat Proof)

Results typically last from 12-18+months


Lash Definition

Lash Definition.JPEG

“I love the look of eyeliner on my lids but its a bit too much for my overall make up look!”

Love a subtle smudge of colour instead of a typical line? This is for you.

Adds depth and definition to lashes creating a thicker effect.

Results lasting from 12-18+months


Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers.JPEG

Enhancing natures best work with a little subtle help.

We prefer to work with your natural curves and contours but will happily work with you to give you the results you desire.

Nothing too drastic is taken on in any one appointment to ensure you heal adequately, and love the look overall.

Maybe you want a subtle smoothing of laughter lines, or a perfect plump pout we are here to give you the treatment of your dreams.

Suitable for:

- Lip Enhancement

- Nasolabial Folds (outer nose to outer lip)

- Marionette Lines (outer mouth to chin lines)


Anti Wrinkle Injections


Anti Wrinkle Injections- ‘Botox’ as a product name

Smooth away those lines and fake a great nights sleep, we won’t tell if you won’t.

We take your discretion and safety seriously, and ensure we work with only the best qualified nurses and practitioners to guarantee you are in safe hands. We also are fully trained in anaphylaxis management.