Price list

Semi permanent make up includes top-up 4-6 weeks after first treatment

Medical Tattooing

3D Areola Restoration (includes top up appointment, price from £345 per breast)

Suitable for single or bilateral breast surgery, post mastectomy, uplift and augmentation and gender reassignment treatments.


Hairstroke style or Combination Brows


Microblading (similar to hairstroke in finished look but finer strokes and not implanted as deeply in skin)


Powder style or Ombre



Eyeliner (top or bottom)


Eye liner (both)


Lash definition (softer definition to eye lashes rather than a traditional line)


Eyelash extensions (full set)


Eyelash extensions (half set)




Gloss and Go Lips

Lip liner and lip blush colour (Lip liner only)


Anti Wrinkle Injections

£220 per area

Dermal Fillers

£400 per 1ml syringe